Zero-B UV Grande Ro Water Purifier


dimension275x230x370(in mm)
Net Weight4.4 kg
Gross Weight7.1 kg
Process Flow Rate1.5 – 2 ltr/Min
Dispensing Flow Rate of Tap3 ltr/min
Inlet Pressure0.5 to 2.0 kg/ cm²
Inlet Water TDS500 ppm
Turbidity3 NTU
Inlet Water Temperature5 – 40º C
Free ChlorineLess than 0.5 ppm
Operating Voltage230 VAC
Power Rating20 Watts
UV Lamp Wattage11 Watts
UV LampUltraviolet Radiation UV Wavelength – 254 nm
BACBacteriostatic Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon
ESSElectrolytic System Sanitizer

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