Zero-B Icy Hot Free Standing Ro Water Purifier


 Counter topFree standing
Water tank capacityHot 1.1 litre /Cold 3.3 litre
Output flow rate10 litre/hour*
Dimension [Basic unit]270 x 530 x 580mm270 x 420 x 1100mm
WeightNet 23.5kg / Gross 26kgNet 26.3kg / Gross 31kg
Inlet water conditions
Inlet openingInlet opening 1/2” BSP male thread connection
Inlet water
Inlet pressure0.5-2.0 kg/cm2
Inlet turbidityLess than 5 NTU
Maximum Inlet water TDSUp to 1200 ppm [subject to hardness of inlet water being
less than 500ppm]
Water saving80% [Tap water saved]
Rejection of salts[TDS]Up to 95%
RecoveryUp to 70% [Ratio of good water / bad water]
Iron Silica Mn
Free Chlorine
Electrical Specifications
Operating voltage230+10% VAC
Power consumption of RO Purifier30 Walts max
UV Purifier/ESS Purifier 
Heating power / Cooling power550W / 100W
Heating capacity5 L/H, 85°C-95°C
Cooling capacity2 L/H, 8°C-15°C
Purification stages
 Prefilter: Integrated filter bag dedicated 5-micron filter Bacteriostatic silver impregnated activated carbon
StagesWater saver cartridge: ESS and E-clean
 Sediment filter: 5-micron filter
 RO membrane: ULF 80 GPO
 E-Health combo filter: Electrolytic water protector Silver impregnated carbons
RO On / UV On / Pump OnRed – Blue flasher LED
Power OnRed – LED
Cooler OnBlue – LED
Heater OnRed – LED
Under standard conditions.

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