Nasaka Super Connect – S2 Domestic RO Water Purifier


  • Purification capacity of 15 litres/hour
  • Multiple purification stages: Pre-Filter, Antiscalant, Sediment, Activated Carbon, RO, UV, OrpH+
  • 8 litres dispenser bottle storage capacity and automatic filling.
  • 7 litres storage capacity and fills automatically
  • Fully automatic operations with auto flush
  • Apt for purification of brackish water, tap water, municipality supply water, etc
  • Easy installation with machine & tank under the sink and Purified water faucet on the sink.
  • Purified water connection can also be extended side by side to refrigerator
  • Assurance of 100% pure and healthy water with essential minerals
  • Sure Water with a balanced pH level

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