Dr. Aquaguard Eterniti


310 x 238 x 435
6.08 kgs
Installation Type
Wall Mount / Table Top
Storage Capacity
No Storage
Purification Modules
Hybrid Carbon Chemi Block Cartrdge, Mineral Guard, Nutritron Cartridge, Biotron Cartridge
Recommended for
Water supplied by Municipal Corporations sourced from lakes, rivers, etc and does not taste salty
Applicable TDS Range
1 – 200 mg / litre
Water Flow Rate
2 Litres / Minute
Input Water Pressure
2.0 kg/sq.cm(Max) 0.4 kg/sq.cm(Min)
Input Water Temperature
10 – 40°C
Input Water Chlorine (Max)
0.2 mg / litre
Input Water Iron
0.3 mg / litre
Input Water Turbidity (Max)
20 NTU
Life of UV Lamp
5000 burning hours
Operating Input Voltage
230V AC / 50 Hz
UV Lamp
11 Watts
Power Consumption
26 Watts


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